Brolga Publishing and Australian author J. M. Yates present The Vine Bleeds

Vine Bleeds_The_Cover__Brolga

Based on a true story, set in Melbourne, The Vine Bleeds spans fifty years from the 1940s.

The trauma of domestic violence, experienced during Jenny and David’s childhood, impacts the life choices both siblings make. David follows in his father’s footsteps and Jenny enters a dysfunctional marriage.

Inspired by true events, it illustrates what happens is not as important as what we do about it. It highlights Jenny’s strength and spirit and her inner journey while coming to terms with her past.

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To purchase copies please email: J M Yates <vinebleeds@gmail.com> or markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au



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  1. I have just finished The Vine Bleeds. A wonderful insight to how one woman was able to survive enduring many hardships through her life and follow her dream of building a better life for herself and her children. Jenny showed real courage to face what life dealt out to her and forge on to create a happy life for herself and her family.
    I would thoroughly recommend The Vine Bleeds
    I wish Jenny Yates every success with this book.


  2. My 80 year old mother in law just read this amazing book. For an “oldie” who usually falls asleep reading, her words “I just couldnt put The Vine Bleeds down”. She was gripped by Jennys story and the cruelty inflicted by her father. She was so impressed with how Jenny went on to pursue her dreams and make a great life filled with love for her husband and daughters.


  3. Fellow writer and student March 3, 2016 — 6:49 am

    As a mature-age student who was introduced to tertiary study through Deakin University’s acceptance of my application many long years ago, I can’t say enough about lifelong learning and the opportunities for deep change during the academic, and in particular, the research and writing process.
    I applaud you, Jenny, in deciding to take the major step into academic study, later in life, and for sticking with it, and congratulate you in drawing together your memoir ad all the aspects of it that I have yet to read but that I already know will be invaluable reading for those who dare to open the covers.
    I hope that you go on to explore your passions and that our life is greatly rewarded with much love.
    I returned to Deakin and had hoped to commence next week but have had to postpone my ‘homecoming’.
    However, I look forward to returning to Deakin which changed my life forever!
    Meanwhile I look forward to reading your book.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with me! You are a light to others.


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